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Hive Stands

Earl's Honeybees provides you with the best bees, the best hives, and now the best hive stands! Available for immediate shipment, the stands come complete with: hand-welded angle-iron bases and four legs. Built to hold 1,2 4, 6, 8, or 10 standard hives up to 8 boxes tall.
Prices range from $99 to $599. Free pickup in Roanoke, Indiana or buyer pays truck freight.
Custom shapes/capacities available. Call EHB today at (260) 415-8643 - ask for Cary.


Italian Bee Packages

Earl's Honeybees does not accept just any bee from any breeder. Our bees must be raised in the warm ocean breezes of the southeast states, must be from prime producers, and must be hardy enough for the novice to begin bee farming - and succeed at it! We made it. You can too!

Each package will include 3 pounds of certified disease resistant honeybees, fertile queen and travel water to keep our little bee friends well fed.


Earl's Honeybees

our bee story

Small but growing bee wholesaler in the Roanoke/ Fort Wayne area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. Cary started beekeeping at the age of 8 with the help of his grandfather, Earl, and has enjoyed his hobby turned small business now for close to 40 years.  Earl's Honeybees provides bees to experienced and novice beekeepers alike, hobby farms, large orchards and small honey companies in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. 

All purchased bee packages are "pick up only", we will not ship our bees.

Bee season begins each year when Mother Nature allows us to begin... and if you are an experienced Indiana beekeeper then you know that can be anytime between March and June.  Our goal is to aim for early to mid-April each year in order to have our little bee buddies in place for tree pollination.  We start taking orders January 1 of each year, it is best to get your order in by mid March to ensure your package reservation.  Feel free to get in touch with Cary or Tiffany Arnold, the owners of Earl's Honeybees, with any questions.

Earl's Honeybees is here for you.


Hours of Operations

Text or call 260.415.8643 with any questions

Sun - Sat: 10am - 10pm


Team Arnold

Get to Know Us


Cary Arnold


Cary Arnold began beekeeping at 8 years old when his grandfather, Earl, began teaching him what would turn into a lifelong beekeeping hobby. Cary has worked for 24 years at General Motors and enjoys woodworking, hunting, walks to the creek with his two side kicks, Bear and Daisy, and remodeling his home with his wife, Tiffany.

Tiffany Arnold

Queen Bee of Operations

Tiffany never knew she wanted to be a beekeeper until she met and married Cary. They married in April 2017 and while Cary does most of the bee labor work, Tiffany does most of the beehind the scenes work with the billing, customer communication, website, facebook and advertising. Together they have millions of bees and 4 very loved dogs, Bear, Daisy, Josie and Eloise.

(260) 415-8643

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