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Bee packages may be ordered as early as Jan 1 of each year with pick-up to be announced each year.  All other items are for sale year around.

Earls Honeybees has various items for sale such a bee packages in the spring and originally designed hives, hive stands and other beeswax products for sale throughout the year. Check us out.


3 lbs of Italian honeybees with fertile queen, certified disease resistant with approximately 3-5 days worth of sugar water for feeding.

3 pound Italian Honeybee Package

SKU: 3lb140
  • All sales are final once you have left our property, please review package of bees and discuss any concerns with us prior to leaving pick up.  Bee Hives cannot be guaranteed as there are too many variables in play such as knowledge of beekeeper, environment of hive, local pests or pesticides, etc. 

  • No Shipping...local pick up only.


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